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SK-FIRE-CO-W Silent Knight Multi-Criteria Fire/CO Detector

SK-FIRE-CO-W is a plug-in, addressable device that provides both fire and carbon monoxide (CO) detection. The detector combines four separate sensing elements to sense multiple components of a fire: smoke, CO, light/flame, and heat. This approach enables enhanced sensitivity to real fire with heightened immunity to nuisance particulates. For CO, the detector’s electrochemical sensing cell creates a separate signal for life safety CO detection.

Multiple sensors and communication can greatly reduce nuisance alarms compared to single sensing methods. Sophisticated algorithms maximize the advantages of all four sensor types creating our best detection strategy offering heightened immunity to nuisance particulate and enhanced sensitivity to real fire.

• Photoelectric sensors detect airborne particles associated with smoke.
• Thermal sensors detect heat and rate-of-rise (135°F fixed temperature threshold).
• Infrared sensors discern light patterns in the environment as an additional data point for alarm determination.


Silent Knight

Silent Knight Fire Alarm Systems

At The Fire Alarm Supplier, our main goal is to provide products that ensure your safety and the safety of others in the case of a fire. To help you with this, we provide you with our high-quality Silent Knight fire alarm systems. These products can provide you with peace of mind knowing you will be notified the minute disaster strikes, giving you enough time to move to safety. Between our Silent Knight products, we carry  Silent Knight smoke detectors, fire alarm panels, relay modules, annunciators, and many other units.  For assistance in finding the perfect Silent Knight system for your needs, The Fire Alarm Supplier is here to help you through every step of the process. For more information on the products we supply, contact us today!

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